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The audit on IIW MCS was held in ERSAI Caspian Contractor, Aktau, November 27-28, 2014

After the end of the two-day training, the first audit on IIW Manufacturer Certification Scheme complying with ISO 3834 was taken place in the Ersai Caspian Contractor LLP, Aktau, on November 27-28, 2014. The audit team of 10 people led by Mr. Michel Rousseau, lead assessor of the French Institute of Welding “Institut de Soudure”, and Mr. Patrick Lantigner, technical expert of the French Institute of Welding “Institut de Soudure”.

Originally, the audit was planned as a training one to improve the skills of the potential local personnel in welding of the Republic of Kazakhstan. During the audit, Kazakhstani specialists showed their high skills and competence. Therefore, the international experts concluded that the audit fully meets the standards of the international audit and performed as a high-quality audit. Thus, Kazakhstan Welding Association “Kazweld” successfully carried out its first professional audit on company certification in accordance with ISO 3834.

So now, KazWeld has several excellent trained assessors, including the lead assessors. From now on Kazweld can carry out audits on company certification with help of domestic personnel in welding without inviting the experts from abroad.