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Kazakhstan won the 2nd place at the Beijing "Arc Cup" International Welding Competition

The Kazakhstan team of welders won the 2nd place at the Beijing “Arc Cup” International Welding Competition”, which was held on June 18-22, 2016 in Beijing (China). 300 welders from more than 25 countries took participation at the competition.

Kazakhstan was represented by welders of KazTransOil JSC, Tulpar Talgo LLP, KHOZU Stroyinvest Limited LLP. The contest was held in the following nominations: Robot welding, Shielded metal arc welding (111 / the SMAW), Gas metal arc welding (135 / GMAW), Gas tungsten arc welding (141 / GTAW), Oxygen fuel gas welding (311 / OFW), Finished product welding (111 / SMAW / 135GMAW / 141 GTAW / FCAW 136), Welding performance.