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KazWeld welcomes new members of the Association

During IV Annual General Meeting, KazWeld welcomed "ESAB Kazakhstan" LLP as a new member of the Welding Association. "ESAB Kazakhstan" LLP is a trading and manufacturing company that specializes  in welding equipment and consumables manufacturing and offers a wide range of ESAB Group’s welding consumables and equipment - electrodes - wires and fluxes - equipment for manual, semi-automatic and automatic welding and cutting operations - welder and the environment protection equipment.

The Branch of JSC NC "KTZ" - "Center of Transport Technologies” (CTT) entered the KazWeld Association as its 34th member at the IV Annual General Meeting held on May 23, 2014.

CTT was established under NC "KTZ" in 2012 to in order to train the railway transportation personnel.

Currently, NC "KTZ" employs about 160,000 people. CTT has trained about 7000 people for the period of two years. About 250 welders complete the relative courses every 6 months. CTT trains over 140 disciplines. It has developed about 300 training programs.