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Publication in the journal Welding in the World

Dear colleagues!

If you wish to publish your papers in the International journal, then you can do it in journal Welding in the World.

The journal Welding in the World publishes authoritative papers on every aspect of materials joining, including welding, brazing, soldering, cutting, thermal spraying and allied joining and fabrication techniques.

Coverage spans a wide range of topics, including advances in joining processes; metallurgical and materials interactions associated with joining; engineering properties and assessment of joints; health and safety and environmental aspects of joining; industrial applications; performance of welded structure in service; testing of welds; quality assessment and education, training, qualification and certification.

There are two ways to publish in Welding in the World:

1. Submit a manuscript to a Chair of a Commission at the Annual Assembly

The submitted manuscripts will be presented during a meeting and receive feedback from specialists.

2. Submit a manuscript as “Open Submission” using the Springer Editorial Manager. The registration and the submission are allowed following the link below

The manuscript will be forwarded to the Chair of the selected Commission and he will approve or reject the manuscript before the peer-review