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IIW & IAB Members Meeting in Paris, February 2-6, 2015

Every year in January or February, the IIW & IAB working group meetings are held at the French Institute of Welding in Paris, the headquarters of the International Institute of Welding (IIW). Kazakhstani representatives also participated in those meetings:
Dr. Prof. Rustambek Abdurakhmanov – CEO, ANB-Kazakhstan and ANBCC-Kazakhstan 
Mr. Igor Bartenev – Director of Kazakhstan Welding Institute 
The working groups meetings: ISO TC 44SC3 - International Standardisation, WG-RA - Regional Activities, C-VI - Terminology, C-XIV - Education and training, WG-STAND - Standardisation, WG-COM & MARK - Communications and Marketing, SC-QUAL - Quality Management in welding and allied processes; Group A - IAB – Education, Examination and Qualification, group B - IAB – Implementation, Authorisation and Certification. Moreover, there were held the meeting of the Editorial Board, Technical Management Board, Board of Directors, auditors and so on.
The management made the reports on activities which were carried out between July 2014 (the IIW General Assembly in Seoul, South Korea) and February 2015 (Paris meetings). At the IAB meeting, the issue on application of European law on free competition in other countries was discussed. Various suggestions were made. Serbian delegation suggested to application on that Law only in Europe Union. 
In addition, at the IAB meeting Kazakhstan got the full authorization on company certification in accordance with ISO 3834.
The next IIW meetings will be held in Helsinki (Finland), which will host the 68th Annual Assembly and Scientific Conference from 28 June to 3 July, 2015.